Water Toys

This section includes our range of plastic free and non toxic water toys! For use in the bath or on the beach and From boats to a vibrant octopus, we have many lovely options to choose from! Made from special wood engineered for water and also natural rubber! The water toys in this section of the shop epitomise a lot of things that we stand for at Envirotoy. Bath time is conventionally dominated with plastic products but we have beautiful alternatives in natural materials.

Bath Toys Made Using Specially Engineered Wood

One of the brands we have in the shop, called Plan Toys were the first to pioneer wood toys that can be used in Water. They’ve called their material PlanWood and due the process it is formed under it is perfect material for bath toys! This same material is also used to produce plastic free beach bucket and toys! Plan Toys also have a carbon positive factory!

Another material that we love is Natural Rubber. Tapped from the Havea Tree, one of the brands in this section have a lovely range of bath animals. From Nemo the fish to Denzel the duck and everything in between.

Bath time is an enjoyable time for kids and parents alike so when you ad some lovely vibrant plastic free toys it just gets better! Look out for Ollie the Octopus – we think you will love him as much as we do!

Also some of our favourites include the wooden sailing boats with a selection of a Penguin, Polar Bear or Seal behind the controls!

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