Plastic Free Toys

Plastic Free Toys are at the heart of everything that we do but first and foremost we aim to stock beautifully crafted eco toys that children will love and provide hours of fun, learning and enjoyment.

We have a few credentials, as described on the homepage, that we abide by when we source our brands. This in turn will help look after the environment that the very children who play with our toys will inhabit in the future. We support the brands and manufacturers who hold similar values to us.

100% plastic free toys

90% of children’s toys are still manufactured using plastic, with a lot of this plastic not suitable for recycling. We really want to help reduce this figure of 90%. A plastic toy can last a long time (or more often not) but when it comes to the end of its life it will join the 6.3 billion tons of plastic waste we already have on our planet. A wooden, eco toy can often be more hard wearing and over time will completely biodegrade – something the vast majority of plastic can never do. So when a wooden toy does reach the end of its life, the impact on the environment is greatly reduced.

The whole concept of Envirotoy is to bring eco friendly, non plastic toys to the forefront!

Eco friendly packaging

Plastic is undoubtedly a wonder material and for some uses it will be hard to replace, it just needs to be used and recycled responsibly.

For many examples, there are so many workable alternatives – one of these is packaging. We vet all our suppliers, so toys supplied to us do not have plastic in their immediate packaging. When we started Envirotoy, we couldn’t believe the amount of wooden toys that have plastic components or use plastic within their packaging.

Envirotoy makes every possible effort to sell non plastic toys and packaging however the odd security seal does creep in. If you do find one of our toys has plastic we didn’t know about, please let us know!

Our one exception is Natural Earth Paint which uses 100% biodegradable sachets to contain the paint.

When we ship to you we use:

-70 – 100% recycled boxes which can be 100% recycled.

-100% Biodegradable labels.

-100% recycled card jiffy bags.

-Recyclable kraft paper tape.

-We will also re-use inner packaging that we receive deliveries in.

Envirotoy would love it if you recycle the packaging when it has been used

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