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Welcome to the main shop page for our plastic free toy shop. All of our toys are 100% plastic free with plastic free packaging. We have most of the bases covered from bath and beach toys, wooden animals and even an art and craft and bedroom section. We only stock brands that we have carefully selected to meet the criteria and quality which we strive for – brands we are thrilled to have in our shop. Materials include many types of sustainable wood, natural rubber and even cork. One thing is for sure – there is no plastic! Everything is beuatifully natural and toxic free. The options below allow to shop by category, brand, price or age.

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Non plastic toys - why we care so much?

Plastic is still everywhere in today’s world and no more so than the the toy and game industry. It’s a fact you will read many times on this website but plastic toys still account for 90% of the market. We have tried extremely hard to provide a toy shop for you that 100% plastic free and we can tell you, this really wasn’t easy. Plastic creeps in everywhere, in the tiniest components or the bit of packaging you didn’t account for. 

We have done this because we care a huge amount for the natural environment the very children who are playing with these toys will inherit in the future. contrary to what you may read in the press, the majority of plastic does not biodegrade. Sunlight may break it down into small and really, really small pieces but it is still there – these tiny pieces will find their way into the food chain and our eco-systems. This fact may shock you but did you know that the average person eats ingests a credit card worth of plastic a year? This is plastic you didn’t know was there. The facts hundreds of billions of tons of plastic has been created since its inception as most of it still exists today?

Children’s toys you may think do not contribute a huge amount to this? The unfortunate thing with plastic toys is, that due to their make up, the majority of them cannot be recycled and this means on average year 8.5 million are land filled. Our aim is to sell beautiful plastic free toys that your children will love and do our bit to look after the planet in the process.