Orchard Toys

Orchard toys was another of the brands that we started with at Envirotoy and we are so glad that was the case. There aren’t many parents out there who haven’t heard of this lovely brand of educational games and that’s for good reason. We believe it’s because of quality of the games and how much they allow are a child to learn and develop while also having fun playing.

40 years ago, around a kitchen table, Orchard Toys started by making blocks and stencils. Over that period of time, it has grown into one of the leading manufacturers of learning games in the UK.

Environmentally friendly credentials from Orchard Toys

All the children’s board games and puzzles are still designed, produced and packed the UK town Wymond. They do this, adhering to a strict environmental policy which means that they produce toys in the most sustainable way possible. They reduce the possible risk of current or future pollution. For instance, all their boxes and boards are made using 100% recycled board. That’s we are proud to stock Orchard Toys range of plastic free games and puzzles.

The most popular selling game we have in stock from the Orchard Toys range is the Animal Match mini game (click here) which is a simple yet fun game of matching animal cards. Another Favourite is Where Do I Live (click here), where children can match the animal to their habitat. This is fun, colourful and it also builds an understanding of nature and the animal planet from a young age.

There are many more similar but with different themes. That been said anything to do with nature and animals are the most popular and we love them too.