Push, Pull and Plane Toys

  • Plane Toys for Toddlers

    Plane Toys for Toddlers (9)

    Browse our range of plane toys for toddlers below. We have a selection of small planes, jets, rockets and helicopters. Made using different types of wood and we even have some made with cork! Our offer is slightly different than others as it is 100% plastic free – with this comes durability, our selection wont break after the first high…
  • Push and Pull Toys for Toddlers

    Push and Pull Toys for Toddlers (22)

    Browse our range of push and pull along toys for toddlers. Dogs, alligators, rabbits, buses, cars, fire engines and many more! Toddlers love a toy that they take everywhere with them and particularly one that they can push or pull. All of our push and pull toys are eco friendly, ethically sourced, 100% plastic free and made from different types…
  • Wooden Car Toys

    Wooden Car Toys (13)

    Browse our range of wooden car toys below. We have small ones, medium sized ones and a few bigger vehicles too like dump trucks and buses (so more vehicles than cars!). Bajo have a lovely range of small cars just the right size for a toddlers hand and beautifully made from sustainable European wood. It goes without saying that all…