Wooden Balance Boards

These Wooden Balance Boards do exactly what they say on the tin – the simplicity of the idea is what we love. Children can balance on the boards in many different positions – standing, lying or kneeling and when they are done with that, they can use it as a bridge to crawl under or pull their friend across the carpet. Such a simple idea, yet so much fun and so many variables!

The other great thing about these wooden balance boards is the fact their use isn’t restricted to children – adults up to the weight of 120kg can also use them for exercises to improve thir agility, balance and strength. Each Dass.brettt comes with an instruction manual with all the moves you can use them for (also available if you click here).

They are available with cork cladding or not – if you plan to use on a carpet and are in good shape, we’d recommend no cork. If you are slightly frailer and/or plan on using it on a solid wooden/tiled floor opt for the cork base for the additional grip.