Sustainable Toys

At Envirotoy, we champion any material that is not plastic when it comes to manufacturing lovely toys. That being said, it’s all very well and good using wood instead of plastic but if this wood is not responsibly sourced, this is just as bad for our planet but in different ways. For this reason, we do go further than just establishing the material that is used to make the toys – sustainable toys really are at the heart of the idea behind Envirotoy. Trees are vital to remove Co2 from the atmosphere which research shows is a major contributor to global warming. Maintaining and increasing the number of trees on the planet is a major factor in halting global warming so it’s hugely important that the percentage of the world’s surface covered my trees is not reduced! Forests and woods in many contries around the world are also home to some of our most diverse eco-systems on the planet so it hugely important that these eco systems aren’t destroyed for the sake of manufacturing amoungst many other things. It is very important that we understand the provenance of the materials in which the toys we sell are manufactured using.

How are the toy brands we sell sustainable?

Many of the brands that we have in our shop use Rubberwood . This means that the tree used is dual use – rubber and wood. A ‘Rubber’ tree will usually produce latex for around 25 years. When the tree stops to produce latex is can be felled and use to produce wooden products like many of the toys which we sell. A brand new tree is then replanted – a very sustainable process, I’m sure you’ll agree.  

Other brands we sell use wood from sustainable forests. In essence, it is very important that we know the provenance of the wood that used in the toys that we sell to ensure trees used are then replaced in a sustainable fashion so there is no reduction in the over amount of trees on the planet.

One of the brands we sell, take sustainable toys to the next level. As well as using sustainable Rubberwood, they also make sure that sawdust is used in themanufacturing process as well – they have actually pioneered a new material from this call PlanWood. They use this to make the first wooden toys that can be used in water! Plan toys actually run a carbon positive factory and sell electricity back to the grid! They are on the most sustainable toy manufacturers in the world and we are proud to have a great range in stock. Find out more about Plan Toys here

Another brand that we sell, Bajo, have been engaging social and educational initiatives since their formation to promote environmental issues. Sustainable wooden toys are the heart of their business – we are also making sustainable toy brands at the heart of ours. Click below to view our extensive range of plastic free, sustainable toys.

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