Plan Toys Wooden Tool Belt Toy


Plan Toys Wooden Tool Belt Toy


Wooden tool belt with spanner hammer and screwdriver

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In stock


Do you have a budding builder on your hands? Fix a wonky painting on the wall or the dodgy skirting board with the wooden tools belt. This 100% plastic free tool belt includes a hammer, screwdriver and spanner to name but a few! Housed in a lovely, natural cotton waist holder. Check out the cute video to see it in action.

The Envirotoy View

Envirotoy Love this wooden tool belt toy for many reasons. Firstly in our experience once your child has it around their waste, they will be very reluctant to take it off! We just hope your house can stand up to a small amount of hammering! Secondly, the natural finish and craftsmanship is second to none (please check out the section on Plan Toys below)- it’s so nice to see your child playing with a natural looking toy as apposed to a plastic alternative.







Spirit Level

About Plan Toys

Plan toys have been manufacturing toys from sustainable Rubberwood for over 30 years and the most sustainable toy manufacturer in the world.

Plan Toys factory is actually carbon positive, yes carbon positive! They actually sell electricity back to the national grid! They are the most sustainable toy manufacturer in the world and their toys are beautifully designed, made and packaged.

Plan toys have also pioneered the first wooden toys suitable for water play and use non toxic, natural glues and paints.

Need to Know

Size: 12cm x 13cm

Age: 3 years +

Material: Rubberwood and Cotton bag.

Additional information

Dimensions125 × 230 mm

3 years +




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