Plan Toys 40 Wooden Building Blocks


Plan Toys 40 Wooden Building Blocks


40 piece wooden construction block set

In stock

In stock


This plastic free set of 40 wooden building has blocks in 6 different shapes and sizes.

The Envirotoy View

If you have any budding builders int he family, this beautifully simple toy will be perfect. Different shaped and coloured blocks can bee put together in many different ways to build lots of different types of buildings! Envirotoy loves this toy as it encourages problem solving and allows a child to get a natural grasp of the physics of gravity from from a young age! See the section below on Plan Toys – these blocks have a lovely, quality finish and are so much nicer than a low weight plastic alternative. A combination of coloured and natural finished blocks really make this toy a class apart from other sets we’ve seen.

About Plan Toys

Plan toys have been manufacturing toys of the highest standard from sustainable Rubberwood for over 30 years – they are the most sustainable toy manufacturer in the world.

The Plan Toys factory is actually carbon positive, yes carbon positive! They actually sell electricity back to the national grid! Their toys are beautifully designed, made and packaged and use non toxic, natural glues and paints.

Plan toys have also pioneered the first wooden toys suitable for water play!


8 square blocks (4 natural, 4 coloured)

10 long rectangle blocks (6 natural, 4 coloured)

10 cylindrical blocks (6 natural, 4 coloured)

4 flat rectangular blocks

2 large blocks

4 Triangle blocks (2 Yellow, 2 Pink)

Need to Know

Size: 90 x 90 x 80cm

Age: 2 years +

Material: Wood


Additional information


24 months +




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