Crayon Rocks - Rocks in a Box 32 Colours, 64 Crayon Rocks


Crayon Rocks - Rocks in a Box 32 Colours, 64 Crayon Rocks


The fully monty Crayon Rocks set. 32 colours, 64 rocks – 100% natural art and craft

In stock

In stock


You will have all the Crayon rocks you ever need here, 100% natural, vegan and every colour you could possibly need.

The Envirotoy View

We love Crayon Rocks – they tick all the boxes. They are 100% natural and of course plastic free but they have also been designed with improving a child’s motor function in mind too. This is because of their shape which also provides a thick line when used on their side and think line when used on the tip. We love the finish that they produce too which is similar to an Oil Pastel.

About Crayon Rocks

Crayon Rocks are made in Rural Kentucky and are the brain child of a teacher who was teaching an increasing number of children who couldn’t write properly – she realised a contributing factor to this was the fact that their tripod grip was not strong enough. This is where the shape of Crayon Rocks was born. This along with natural make up mean that they are perfect for us.

Need to Know

Age: 3 Years + (choking hazard)

Box Size: 15.5 x 15.5 x 4.5cm

Additional information

Dimensions15.5 × 15.5 × 4.5 mm


3 years +


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