Easter Facts for Kids

Easter is of course a Christian religious event with huge importance but below are few more light hearted facts you may find interesting. Have you ever wondered where the biggest ever easter egg hunt was? Or the what the most expensive egg ever is? Look no further – read on below for our easter facts for kids.

How much is the most Expensive decorative egg is worth?

Most expensive decorative Easter egg is worth around £8m and has 1000 diamonds worth £2.5m alone. 100 of which are uniquely cut. Inside is a pure gold globe which opens to reveal a delicate rock crystal dove standing on an olive branch!

Easter facts for kids

Where did the idea of egg decorating come from?

Eggs were traditionally a sacrifice for Lent. So before the days where people ate chocolate eggs, which was around the 1900s, they decorated normal eggs instead. This was to make them very special when they could eat them again at the end of Lent! Lent is the period before Easter where Christening do various things to prepare.

When and where was the biggest ever Easter egg hunt?

In 2007 at Cyprus gardens in Florida, USA there was a hug Easter Egg hunt which involved 500,000 hidden eggs! How on earth did they find them all!?

Have you ever wondered why the date for Easter moves each year?

Easter takes place over the first weekend after a full moon after March 21st. March 21st is the date recognised by the church as the spring equinox (an equinox is when day and night are an equal length). The Christian Bible says that Jesus’s death and resurrection happened at the same time as the Jewish Passover which is also celebrated on the first full moon after the spring equinox.

What does Pancake day have to do with Easter?

Pancake day, or Shrove Tuesday is one day before Ash Wednesday which represents the start of lent. Traditionally people give up rich and indulgent foods for Lent. This means that they need to use all these types of foods left in the house. Over the years, this has morphed into what we know as pancake day today!

How many chocolate eggs are sold each year in the UK?

80 million chocolate eggs are sold each year in the UK

Thank you for reading our easter facts for kids. Be sure to check out our plastic free toy shop below.

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