Elou Turtle Cork Toy

£24.90 £19.99


Elou Turtle Cork Toy

£24.90 £19.99

Cute turtle toy – made from cork and finished in a lovely natural cork finish with turquoise fins

In stock

In stock


The Envirotoy View

This toy is so cute we just love it. A turtle is such a lovely animal this cork version doesn’t dissapoint. A mixture of the lovely natural cork and green fins make set this toy apart


1 turtle

About Elou

Elou toys are some of the most sustainable and innovative out there. 100% natural and 100% recyclable, Elou toys will bring a child close with nature from an early age.

Along with its environmental benefits, cork is actually a fantastic material to manufacture children’s toys from. Light and shock resistant – a cork toy is a lot more hard wearing then you may think.

We have a great range of Elou in stock, anything from building blocks to aeroplanes, or even a baby mat. Cork has proven to be a very versatile material!

Need to Know

Age: 12 months +

Size: 390 × 310 × 265 mm

Material: Cork

Additional information

Weight0.23 kg
Dimensions390 × 310 × 265 mm


12 months +




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