Lanka Kade Fair Trade Wooden World Animals (bag of 6)


Lanka Kade Fair Trade Wooden World Animals (bag of 6)


6 separate wooden animals from around the world

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Beautifully hand crafted and  hand painted Lanka Kade Wooden animals made from Rubberwood. Alligators, Elephants and Lions to name a few! The animals are a chunky 25mm thick with lovely rounded corners and features. The wooden animals are only painted on the sides, so you can see the natural grain everywhere else and we love how natural they are.

The Envirotoy View

Envirotoy loves this bag of wooden animals as we know how much children love playing with animals of all kinds – especially the exotic colourful kind like Lions and Alligators! These animals are so chunky your little will just not want to put them down. The Lion is king of the Savannah and the wooden lion is our favourite in this bag – the colours are just beautiful and the toy has such a lovely feel to it.








About Lanka Kade

For 30 years, Lanka Kade have been hand crafting fair trade children’s toys from Rubberwood using non toxic paints. When the tree has finished its latex producing life, it is cut down and used for its wood. A new tree is planted in its place. Fair trade principles are at the heart of their business and believe they have a responsibility to the people and the local community where their toys are made to provide great opportunities and the fairest of deals. Lanka Kade animals are made with dedication from skilled artisans.

Need to Know

Bag Size: 18cm x 18cm roughly for the bag.

each animal size: 10cm x 8cm x 2.5cm on average but do vary.

Age 12 months +


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12 months +



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