Alphabet Flashcards


Alphabet Flashcards


Make learning the letters of the alphabet fun with these colourful flashcards.

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Alphabet Flashcards are the perfect tool for conscientious parents to introduce children to the letters of the alphabet and first words in a fun way.

The cards are double-sided, featuring a colourful, friendly illustration of the word on one side and the letter of the alphabet on the other. There is one card for every letter of the alphabet. The flashcards include a wide range of simple and more complex words, from ‘Ant’ to ‘Umbrella’.

Alphabet Flashcards are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways to develop children’s literacy skills, from learning the letters of the alphabet to using the picture side to learn first words. The cards also feature a handy alphabet guide to help teach children the order of the alphabet and shapes of letters.

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